Commit e8ada90a authored by Lafont François's avatar Lafont François

Improve makefile to avoid redundancy of code

parent 972d2a19
......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ clean:
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && rm -f ../*.build
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && rm -f .gitlab-ci.yml
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && rm -fr .pc/
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && ../hack-danerepo clean
# Remove the upstream archive too.
clean_all: clean
......@@ -84,10 +85,10 @@ populate: clean
build: populate
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && debuild -b -us -uc --lintian-opts --pedantic -i -I && echo 'Building is OK!'
build4danerepo: populate
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && ../hack-danerepo clean
populate4danerepo: populate
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && ../hack-danerepo hack
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && debuild -b -us -uc --lintian-opts --pedantic -i -I && ../hack-danerepo clean && echo 'Building is OK!'
build4danerepo: populate4danerepo build
build_sign: populate
cd "$(WORKING_DIR)" && debuild -sa --lintian-opts --pedantic -i -I && echo 'Building is OK!'
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