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How to build a Studiobox USB key step by step

Take a fresh installation of a simple Debian Wheezy. Firstly, you must install the building environment. We assume that you use a Unix account with a "sudo" access (it could be root but, in this case, the sudo command is not necessary). Normally, you must launch these commands below just once:

# Use a svn account that can access to the repository below.

# Some packages are needed (ssl is needed for the svn repository).
sudo apt-get update
# TODO: list of packages probably incomplete.
sudo apt-get install openssl ca-certificates git subversion rsync live-build

# Get the git and svn repositories.
cd "$HOME" && git clone "$GIT_URL"
cd "$HOME" && svn checkout "$SVN_URL" --username="$SVN_ACCOUNT"

# Create the building directory.
mkdir "$BUILD_DIR"
mkdir "$BUILD_DIR/DebianLive"
mkdir "$BUILD_DIR/DebianImg"
mkdir "$BUILD_DIR/DebianConfig"

# Modify to match with your directories.
sed -r -i -e "s|^MONHOME=.*$|MONHOME=\"$HOME\"|"                         \
          -e "s|^REP_DEPOT_PEDA=.*$|REP_DEPOT_PEDA=\"$STDBOX_GIT_DIR\"|" \
          -e "s|^REP_WORK=.*$|REP_WORK=\"$BUILD_DIR\"|"                  \
          -e "s|^REP_LIVE=.*$|REP_LIVE=\"$BUILD_DIR/DebianLive\"|"       \
          -e "s|^REP_IMG=.*$|REP_IMG=\"$BUILD_DIR/DebianImg\"|"          \
          -e "s|^REP_CONFIG=.*$|REP_CONFIG=\"$BUILD_DIR/DebianConfig\"|" \
          -e "s|^REP_DOC=.*$|REP_DOC=\"$DOC_SVN_DIR\"|"                  \
          -e "s|^MODE=.*$|MODE=\"auto\"|"                        \

# Create the key building directory.
cd "$BUILD_DIR/DebianLive" && lb config --distribution wheezy

Now you can build the StudioBox USB key with:

# Use the BUILD_DIR variable defined above.
cd "$BUILD_DIR" && bash version arch [device_key]


  • version can have several values. For studioboxAudio it's studioboxAudio. This option is mandatory.
  • arch can have two values, i386 or amd64. This option is mandatory
  • If an USB key has to be created, the name of the device has to be specified. For instance, sdb or sdc etc.

For instance, a typical launch could be:

cd "$BUILD_DIR" && bash studioboxAudio amd64